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Assessment of Isometric Muscle Strength and Rate of Torque Development with Hand-Held Dynamometry: Test-Retest Reliability and Relationship with Gait Velocity After Stroke (2018)

Mentiplay, B. F., Tan, D., Williams, G., Adair, B., Pua, Y., Bower, K. J., & Clark, R. A. (2018). Assessment of isometric muscle strength and rate of torque development with hand-held dynamometry: Test-retest reliability and relationship with gait velocity after stroke. Journal of Biomechanics, 75, 171-175.

Quick Summary

Researchers looked at individuals after a stroke and measured isometric strength and rate of torque development in a variety of muscle groups. It was shown that isometric muscle strength of the most major lower extremity muscle groups other than the ...

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