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The Application of Evidence-Based Practice to Nonspeech Oral Motor Treatments (2008)

AdultSLPMotor Speech/Dysarthria/Apraxia
Speech-language pathologists are responsible for providing treatment approaches supported by evidence-based practice (EBP) to our patients. Nonspeech oral motor treatments (NSOMTs) are controversial because they have limited evidence they improve spe ...
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Effects of Cued and Uncued Swallowing in Patients with Dementia (2021)

One portion of dysphagia therapy is for the SLP to give feedback and cue individuals to swallow or adjust their eating/drinking for a safer swallow. This study aims to add more information about the effectiveness of cued and uncued swallowing for peo ...
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Counseling and Care Partner Training in Primary Progressive Aphasia (2021)

Primary progressive aphasia care often involves a speech-language pathologist collaborating with the patient and communication partners to use compensatory strategies. Family participation is necessary for maximum communication support and carryover ...