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Pulse Oximetry, Racial Bias and Statistical Bias (2022)

AdultOTCOPDCOVID-19DEI with Adult ClientsRespiratory Care
Recent discussion around pulse oximetry measurement has highlighted the inaccuracies in patients with dark skin pigmentation. Although evidence in the 1990s pointed to the decreased reliability of pulse oximetry readings among Black patients, no sign ...
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Incidence of Poststroke Depression in Patients With Poststroke Dysphagia (2022)

This is the first known research article addressing poststroke depression for patients with poststroke dysphagia for Medicare patients. The results found patients with poststroke dysphagia were slightly more likely to have post-stroke depression (PSD ...
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Long-Term Cannabis Use and Cognitive Reserves and Hippocampal Volume in Midlife (2022)

AdultSLPBrain InjuryChronic PainMemoryNervous System Conditions
This prospective study compared cannabis use, dependence level, and cognitive abilities from childhood until midlife. Those midlife individuals with long-term cannabis use were found to have cognitive deficits and smaller hippocampal volume. Addition ...
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Neuromuscular Exercises Improve Shoulder Function More Than Standard Care Exercises in Patients With a Traumatic Anterior Shoulder Dislocation: A Randomized Controlled Trial (2020)

There are many unknowns regarding the optimal way to rehabilitate traumatic anterior shoulder dislocations (ASDs). This randomized controlled trial compared neuromuscular exercises compared to self-managed, home-based standard of care shoulder exerci ...
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Caregiver Burden in Head and Neck Cancer Dysphagia Cases (2022)

Caregivers are indispensable members of the care support team for individuals with head and neck cancer (HNC). Even though the need is recognized, there are very few ways to measure the impacts of dysphagia in HNC on caregivers. In addition to this, ...
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Intervention Goals for Preschoolers With Language Difficulties and Disorders: A Scoping Review Using the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health Framework (2022)

PediatricSLPLanguage Development
This article explores how language goals reported in intervention studies for preschoolers fit into the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) framework. Researchers studied the relatio ...
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Art Activities in Long-Term Care: A Scoping Review (2022)

AdultOTMental Health
Outcomes for the use of art in therapy overlap with the goals of occupational therapy (OT) with older adults in long-term care, which include improving and maintaining health and well-being through engagement in occupations. There is a lack of eviden ...
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Effects of Client-Centered Occupational Therapy on Behavioral Psychological Symptoms, Social Interaction, Occupational Performance, Quality of Life, and Caregiver Burden Among the Individuals with Dementia (2022)

This study aimed to verify the effects of client-centered occupational therapy (OT) on individuals with dementia. Twenty participants were randomly assigned to an experimental group (client-centered OT) and a control group (general OT). Pretest, post ...